As part of the COVID-19 guidelines announced by the Greek Authorities for the prevention of the coronavirus transmission and spread, all passengers must complete the “Pre-boarding Health Statement Form” form and submit it to the vessel’s crew who checks tickets along with their ticket, when boarding, prior to the vessel’s departure.

As of Friday 04/06/21 the Pre-Boarding Health Statement Form is also available in electronic format on the website (

Kindly note that the Health Statement From can still be filled in/submitted in paper form for those passengers who are not familiar with issuing electronic forms. 

As per the guidelines posted on the official website  (, the Health Statement Form:

  • Must be completed by all adults (18+) wishing to travel by ship in Greece.
  • Concerns all travelers, Greeks and Foreigners.
  • Must be filled in up to 24 hours prior to each trip.
  • It is mandatory to fill in all fields in the form.
  • If arriving to your destination requires a change of ship, then passengers are required to fill in a separate form for each ship they board.
  • When boarding the ship, passengers must have with them the completed Health Statement Form, either in electronic (on their mobile / tablet) or printed form, and present it to the ship’s crew who checks the tickets.
  • No passenger will be allowed to board a ship without presenting a filled in Health Statement Form.
  • Every passenger (address / email account) can register up to 4 Health Statement Forms (“declarations”) per day per boarding port, so that in addition to their own declaration they can also register the declarations for 3 more adult members of their family.
  • Children and minors (under 18 years old) are included in the declaration of their parent or guardian.
  • The form must be completed in English / Latin characters.
  • The information on the form must be filled in as it appears on IDs / passports and on the ticket.